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Section 59-A The Villlage Hub @ Bramham Village Hall

Description of 49-B The HUB Christmas Party Photographs

1. The HUB Banner

2. Pete and Jane

3. Lynne

4. Donna

5. - 11. Decorations and food on the tables !

12. Moria, Chris and Margaret

13. Sheila and Tess

14. Pete introduces Carly Wood (singer) - see below

15. Carly Wood (singer)

16 ,17,18. Folks get dancing..

19. Carly Wood (singer)

20. Allan and Norma (ward councillors)

21. Muriel and guests

22. Jill and Michael

23. Lynne, Inga, Neil and Ann (Gosling)

24. Lynne, Carly and Andrew

25. Lynne, Carly and Andrew

26. Ann, Chris, Jane, Iris, Moira, Diane

27. Margaret, Tess, Pat, Dianne

28. New Battle of Bramham Moor Graphic finding a home in the Village Hall


On Monday 9th January 2023 Bramham Village Hall opened its doors to bring people in our community together in a new, not-for-profit, drop-in community meeting place and café run entirely by volunteers from the village.

It was about providing somewhere for people of all ages to meet up, keep warm and enjoy spending time together, not about making money!

The “Village Hub” is open every Monday (except bank holidays) from 11.30am to 2pm and provides a warm, welcoming, safe, supportive and familiar space, where residents can enjoy tea, coffee, a bowl of soup, soft drinks and home-made cakes, read newspapers and magazines, play cards & games, do jigsaws, swap books, swap stories and more.

The Village Hall Committee decided to kick start the cafe in view of the rising costs of living and growing issue of social isolation faced by so many village residents in the 2020’s.

It stemmed from an idea to open up the Village Hall once a week to bring the community back together post pandemic.

It achieved a five-star Food Hygiene Rating from Leeds City Council's Food Safety Officer and offers tea, coffee and biscuits for free to anyone who comes through the doors!!

It has also been the place where villagers can meet their ward councillors, find out about volunteering in the community, learn about energy savings, and make connections with other community groups and local support organisations.

It has presented a wonderful opportunity for residents and community groups to pull together to support those less fortunate in our community.

The venture is sponsored by the Bramham Community Fund, Wetherby in Support of the Elderly (WiSE) and Wetherby Lions.

The support offered by many local residents and businesses has been invaluable but, most of all, it’s about a dedicated band of village volunteers giving their time week in, week out for the benefit of their community!

In December 2023, the Village Hub celebrated the occasion of its first anniversary with a special Christmas event at the Village Hall attended by more than seventy residents, and, in January 2024, signed up to Leeds City Council and Voluntary Action Leeds' "Warm Welcome Scheme".

The Village Hub is now part of a network of Welcome Spaces across Leeds that offer a heated, friendly and safe space, where people can comfortably spend time in a warm and safe environment.

The Village Hub is a haven at the centre of the village for anyone who wants some friendly company to pass the time with, or just to hang out.

Whether it’s because they’re feeling the squeeze, on their own or just want to be sociable, there is a warm welcome for everyone!

And for anyone passing through our village, it showcases what the community of Bramham represents.....a group of people who not only live in the same area but care about each other!!

THE VİLLAGE HUB @ Bramham Village Hall

Your Warm and Welcoming Space


Warm & Welcoming…

 serving good value refreshments and snacks e.g. tea and coffee, cakes, soup

 offering a comfortable and cosy environment in which to relax and chat

 providing leisure activities and reading materials

 organising workshops and information sessions

 run by friendly volunteers from the village to ensure people feel at home


 dementia friendly where risks are minimised

 covered by Public Liability insurance

 volunteers serving food have a Level 2 Food Hygiene certificate


 ready to listen

 signposting people to support if they need it

 links to other local organisations and set up by local residents

The guests at the Hub Party enjoyed the music of Carly Wood - local entertainer




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